This matter from a call Yu Tong speaking, he is Hemei staffDoctor of Business Administration, one day, Hemei tomb Memorial, he would rather believe she didn't leave, the two met two years ago, when the boy opened the door to Hemei collapsed on him, he took the phone flurried will her upstairs room bed, in children after go out to see a bag, some money and a note in the bag, on which he had written his success in the interview, this makes him very puzzled. He was accused in children's father, his mother know his mind, it is clear disease affects both the father and the son. Yu Tong felt himself and really not appropriate, he felt that two people can be free.
Small children leave for the very angry, he went to work in the company, is Hemei help to enable him to getChina business practice, he saw Hemei recognized that evening when the woman. Hemei in children asked to interview, she said the draft design things, in children think is happened that night, he is not in the state, she felt his design draft is somethingdata centre, in children, he is very confident. Hemei husband Xu day coming to scout out, he wanted her to promise his request, Hemei to his court, in court Hemei and phenanthrene will evidence to make holy, holy Xu proposed division of the property, make holy defense lawyers never bite, vowed to put at the time the photo.
Fifi to the company refers scolds in children, Hemei home found the house after monitoring device, she is very angry to when they hit the ground. Yu Tong received Hemei telephone hurried, he doesn't know what she says, feeling and their little relationship, in children after seeing the photos found himself was also teased, small Hui see those photos after very angry. Hemei let Feifei checks to make holy sent, to know that she hated his child, but also to prove to her.