Last Friday night, about 10:30, while riding my bike on the way home, I got a phone call from Miko. She and Mike had some thoughts and ideas about our English club. Then I asked them if they could go down stairs and discuss it with me, though the night was so deep. Luckily, they were willing to come, and I also got a free, warm, and sweet Starbucks coffee. Ha ha.. Thanks a lot.

    At night, the weather was not so hot. In the square of the "Future City," we had a nice chat, discussing miscellaneous issues such as bike, our community, park, and so on. It's really interesting. 

    Linkou has become more and more colorful to me since I got acquainted with grapevine members. You are not only my neighbors or acquaintances, but, little by little, you also like friends, or my brothers and sisters. I got lots of suggestions from you about doing things, working, studying, and planning of my life. Thank all of our group members that you give me so much confidence to do such things.

    This is my first English Diary. Ha.... I know there are some mistakes in this article, but I really need to think and write in English so that I could immerse myself in English. Hope I can keep this habit for a while.