Our expert tasters advise opting for an egg that built from 70% dark chocolate or incorporates nuts or fruit. And, in a result that shocked even them, it seems white chocolate operates brilliantly too.

It makes everyone happy regardless of who they are, where they're from, and what they do for a living. That's why an expert chocolatier from Switzerland set a chocolate hong kong up in HK

  The panel examined a Inexperienced & Blacks selection box which included a range of different flavours such as milk, white, dark (70% cocoa solids), very darkish (85% cocoa solids), almond, hazelnut, fruit and nut and ginger chocolate, with coffees manufactured from Best Buy Nespresso-compatible pods.

  While some chocolates complemented the flavours of the coffees, drawing them out, others clashed. Ginger chocolate didn go down well, with one specialist likening it to a war zone in your mouth.

  Chocolate that is made up of 70% cocoa solids pairs really well with coffee. According to our experts it has a natural affinity, being neither way too sweet and milky, nor way too dim and bitter.

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  Chocolate with fruit or nuts worked nicely way too, complementing the fruity and nutty notes often found in coffee.

  White chocolate was a surprise hit with our panel. They said that the creamy, buttery notes of the white chocolate took on a pleasing caramelized sugar note when combined with coffee, with one skilled describing the flavour combination as ?stonishing.

  If you like chocolate with ginger in it, having it with coffee won bring out its or the coffee best qualities. One disappointed panellist described it as ? war zone in your mouth, while another said it made the coffee taste like it had been flavoured with a syrup.

  The panel also didn rate milk chocolate as a coffee accompaniment. , pulling attention away from the coffee flavours.

  Going too darkish with your chocolate is also a no-no. Our panel agreed that an 85% cocoa solid variety was a bit much, even for a strong Italian or Brazilian roasted bean coffee, as the bitterness of the flavours overwhelms the palate.

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