◆ Six new subsidy policies have been promulgated and 11 original subsidy policies have been perfected

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◆ A total of nearly 700 billion yuan of student financial assistance, an average annual increase of 10.66%

◆ Renewing concepts, expanding functions and innovating ways and stepping out of a road of subsidizing students with Chinese characteristics to promote economic and social development

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Since the 18th CPC National Congress, the party Central Committee with Comrade Xi Jinping as the core has always adhered to the people-centered development philosophy, attached great importance to fair education and attached great importance to the problem of going to school for economically disadvantaged families. The Central Economic Work Conference once pointed out: "Let poor children have a fair and quality education and do not let children lose at the starting line." General Secretary Xi Jinping stressed the need to "improve the family financial aid system for the poor." Five years of hard work and tremendous progress have been made in granting students funding to ensure that "no one is out of school due to financial difficulties of the family," and this provides a strong guarantee for the realization of the dreams of the students who are economically disadvantaged by their own lives.

Student funding policy system is more perfect

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Since the 18th CPC National Congress, education, finance and other relevant departments have conscientiously implemented the decision-making arrangements made by the Central Government and unswervingly pushed forward the building of a student financial assistance policy system in our country. On the basis of the original policies, they successively issued 6 new grants Policy, improve the 11 original funding policy.

At the stage of higher education, the establishment of graduate student grants, the establishment of postgraduate scholarship, improve postgraduate "three aid" post allowance; the introduction of college students enlistment service compulsory military service state funding approach; the national student loan standards from 6000 yuan to the college students 8,000 yuan, 12,000 yuan of graduate students, and correspondingly improve grassroots employment and enlisted military service loan compensation standards; extend the repayment period of state student loans, relax the scope of financial interest rates; introduced directly enlisted as noncommissioned officers of state aid policies for university students; Preparatory students and research institutes, party schools, administrative institutes, accounting colleges and other training units graduate students fully integrated into the coverage of higher education student financial policy system; the Central University doctoral student grants from 12000 yuan per year to 15000 yuan, local colleges and universities PhD student grants standards from not less than 10,000 yuan per year increased to not less than 13,000 yuan per year.

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In the stage of high school education, we should expand the coverage of free tuition for secondary vocational schools and include all secondary vocational students in the minority areas in the scope of tuition-free fees. The standard of grants for secondary vocational schools and ordinary high schools will be raised from 1,500 yuan per year to 2,000 yuan per year. Legislation and other family economic difficulties students tuition and fees policy.

At the stage of compulsory education, free distribution of Chinese dictionaries for compulsory education rural students; promulgation of the policy of "two exemptions and one subsidy" for compulsory education in urban and rural areas; raising the standard of nutrition subsidy from 3 yuan per person per day to 4 yuan; expanding rural compulsory education Students nutrition improvement plan implementation scope, realize national poverty alleviation and development key county full coverage.

After five years of hard work, the system of financial aid to the poor families in our country is more perfected. The system has achieved "three full coverage", that is, full coverage of all the sections from pre-school to post-graduate education, full coverage of public-run private schools, and family economic difficulties Students cover all, especially in the higher education stage, to achieve the family financial difficulties of students before entering, entering the school and after admission "three worries."