Welcome to the last cupcake in my Girl Scout Cupcake Series! Over the course of the month, we’ve had Tagalong Cupcakes, based on my personal favorite Girl Scout cookies. There were the intensely peanut buttery Do-si-do Cupcakes. And last week, we had Samoa Cupcakes for people who like that sort of thing, which I hear are delicious, but cannot confirm.

Today we tackle the best-selling Girl Scout cookie, Thin Mints! Thin Mints are the favorite cookie of almost everyone I know, so pressure was high to get this cupcake right. And you know what? I feel pretty good about these.

Moist chocolate and peppermint cake covered with a smooth chocolate coating. A delicious cupcake version of the most popular Girl Scout Cookie. Recipe includes nutritional information, and small-batch and freezer instructions. From BakingMischief.com

Thin Mints are a pepperminty, crunchy chocolate cookie dipped in chocolate. They are good at room temperature but best when stored in the freezer and eaten cold. So my Thin Mint Cupcakes are my favorite chocolate cake base infused with peppermint and dipped in a smooth chocolate coating. They are excellent at room temperature but also very, very good after being popped in the freezer and chilled.

The flavors in this one are pretty on point because chocolate and peppermint are generally going to taste like chocolate and peppermint. So my Thin Mint Cupcakes taste quite a bit like cookie Thin Mints, which translates to, AMAZING.

Texture is where these cupcakes shine. The chocolate cake is moist and light, laced through with the fresh taste of peppermint. And the hard chocolate coating provides a delightful contrast, and really looks just like the top of a Thin Mint!

They are a total crowd-pleaser and also the easiest to make of all the cupcakes in the series, so if you have to pick just one Girl Scout cupcake to make, I recommend these

Girl Scout cookie season generally runs through April, so very soon we will have to say goodbye to our favorite cookies (whichever ones they may be) until next year. Fortunately, these cupcakes will be here to tide you over in the mean time.