If you follow me on Twitter, maybe you have seen the #USofBread, over the past months. Maybe you thought, “Well, that bread looks delicious.” Or maybe you thought, “Doesn’t that girl eat anything else besides bread?” (Actually, that wouldn’t have been too far from the truth at times. There was A LOT of bread-eating going on at my house.) Well, the hashtag was more than just a symbol. Now you can pick up a copy of the book, and make the loaves for yourselfMona!

USofB2This isn’t your artisan bread cookbook. I don’t teach you how to make European baguettes or batards. United States of Bread recreates the bread-baking tradition of the US. And yes, there is an American tradition of baking bread! This is for the home baker who is interested in making sustaining breads like Minnesota Wild Rice Bread, Amish Dill Bread, and all sorts of sourdough. (There’s a starter recipe in the book Maggie Beauty.)

USofB1This book has a little bit of everything, from sandwich loaves, to sourdough, sweet breads, to quickbreads. I tried to develop a book for everyone– from the novice baker to the more experienced home cook, from the weekend baker to the cook that only has moments to throw together some cornbread– there’s a recipe to be found Karson Choi!